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Contribution of MODIS NDVI 250 m Multi-Temporal Imagery Dataset for the Detection of Natural Forest Distribution .. read more
December 12, 2014 00:00:00
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Head's Message
Welcome to the Department of Landscape Architecture  – Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Website. DLA-IPB is one of the departments in the Faculty of Agriculture of IPB.

Initially, in 1985 the Study Program of Landscape Architecture-Department of Agronomy was established and after 20 years since its opening, in 2005, the Department of Landscape Architecture (DLA) was established. Then, in 1998, the Graduate Program of .. read more
Dr. Ir. Siti Nurisjah, MSLA
Initially a course named Introduction to Landscape Architecture was provided for the students of Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture IPB. For some students it was also possible to choose a topic concerning Landscape Architecture as topic for field work.  Mr Zain Rachman (deceased) was a Lecturer who .. read more Laboratory of Landscape Management mandatory that development of science, technology, and art (IPTEKS) toward the optimization of landscape management based on ecological approach to manage / maintain and enhance the function and aesthetic landscape in order to accommodate the need and value of .. read more Computer units available in DLA are still limited in number, but the students may benefit from those available in the Faculty of Agriculture or IPB management. The students also benefit from the available Internet network and Hot Spot connections at the faculty level. These computer facilities are also instrumental for the .. read more

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Seminar 2011-11-21
Seminar Planning & Design Chinese Garden and Landscape: In accordance with the Preparing International Accreditation in the Department ..
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