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Landscape Ecology and Environmental Modeling
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NIP : 19781209 2006042025
Lecture Subject : Manajemen Landscape Berkelanjutan; Ekologi Lansekap; Analisis GIS (Program Pascasarjana). Manajemen Landscape; Fundamental Arsitektur Lansekap (Program Sarjana)
Publication :  
  • Landscape Characteristics of Wintering Habitats Used by Oriental Honey-buzzards in Borneo Derived from Satellite Tracking Data (2013)
  • Contribution of MODIS NDVI 250 m Multi-Temporal Imagery Dataset for the Detection of Natural Forest Distribution of Java Island, Indonesia (2012)
  • Model Kesesuaian Habitat Potensial Banteng (Bos javanicus) di Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon dengan Menggunakan Regresi Logistik,(Prosiding Simposium Ilmiah Nasional Ikatan Arsitek Lanskap Indonesia. ISBN : 978-979-19795-5-9, Halaman : 146 - 1954)
  • Landscape Habitat Characteristics of Oriental Honey Buzzards (Pernisptilorhynchus) Wintering in South Kalimantan Based on Satellite Tracking. (Proceedings of the 18th Tri-University International Joint Seminar and Symposium, October 26–31 2011, Jiangsu University, China)
  • Identification in Java Island (Center for Environmental Research. Working Paper No.24. Bogor Agricultural University.)
  • Model kesesuaian habitat potensialBanteng (Bosjavanicus) di Taman nasional Ujung Kulon dengan menggunakan regresi logistic. (Simposium Ilmiah Nasional Ikatan Arsitektur Lanskap Indonesia. 10 November 2010, Bogor.)
  • Contribution of MODIS NDVI 250 m Multi - Temporal Imagery Dataset for The Detection of Natural Forest Distribution of Java Island, Indonesia, (2012)
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