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Landscape Plant
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NIP : 196107201984032002
Lecture Subject : Tanaman di Landscape (Program Sarjana) Desain Landscape Penanaman (Program Sarjana) Fundamental Arsitektur Lansekap (Program Sarjana)
Publication :  
  • Perencanaan Kebun Wisata Pertanian Gunung Leutik Ciampea Bogor (Prosiding Seminar Hasil-Hasil Penelitian Institut Pertanian Bogor 2011, Halaman 131 - 156, ISBN : 978-602-8853-14-9,)
  • Recommendations of Soil and Water Conservation Techniques for Sustainability of Upland Farming Landscape in upper Watershed. (Prosiding Simposium Ilmiah Nasional IALI)
  • Potencies Study of Rural Landscape for Agrotourism Based on Community Development in Cigombong, Bogor (Proceeding of National Symposium. IALI)
  • Potential Evaluation of Community-Based Agritourism in Banyuroto and Ketep Rural Landscape Magelang Distric Central Java Indonesia (Symposium IFLA Asia Pacific Shanghai, China. Oct, 23th - 25th)
  • Landscape Structure of Agrotourism Park in Bogor (London Science Publishing Co.)
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