Cooperation in the field of academic, research, and pengabdia on msyarakat done by pengintegerasian in multistory and multi-disciplinary program. Cooperation in the field include the academic exchange and study activities of students and faculty, invited as guest lecturers, workshops, and seminars internationally. Cooperation in the field of planning, design, and landscape management covers activities in various scales, objectives and scope of activities of the area.

Some of the activities carried out are the planning, design, and management of green open space (RTH), city landscape, tourist areas (agro-tourism, eco-tourism, cultural / historical), regional conservation bidaya / history, harmonization of rural-urban landscape, areas special, and others.

The cooperation among others by:

  • Government agencies and local government (Ministry, Local Government, Planning Office Department, BPLH / D) 
  • private institutions 
  • Non Governmental Organization
  • Higher Education daalam and abroad (University Putra Malaysia, Chiba University, Tokyo University, Seoul Nat'l University, etc.) 
  • Professional organizations (International Federation of Landscape Architects / IFLA, the Association of Indonesian Landscape architect / IALI, Indonesia Carbon Network / Jaki, Indonesia Landscape Architecture Education Forum / FPALI, etc..)
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