The Landscape Management Division (Div MaLa) is a group of lecturers from the Landscape Architecture Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) who have expertise and concern in the field of landscape management. MaLa Div mainly functions to create lectures that serve, conduct research and develop knowledge, and also manage human resources in accordance with the scope of landscape management, especially tropical landscapes, to support education, practice and landscape architecture. The maLa Div currently has 6 (six) members who have research competencies and interests including agricultural landscapes, landscape management, landscape ecology, cultural landscapes, landscape modeling, urban-rural landscapes and also landscape administration. 

There are 6 (six) programs served in the undergraduate program, namely (1) Introducing to Landscape Ecology, (2) Cultural Landscape Conservation, (3) Landscape Management, (4) Landscape Architecture Professional Administration, (5) Agricultural Landscape, and ( 6) Management of Landscape Services. The Master Form Program, there are 6 (six) programs namely; (1) Human and Landscape Interaction, (2) Sustainable Landscape Management, (3) Landscape Ecology, (4) Award and Conservation Cultural Landscape, (5) Rural and Agricultural Landscapes, and (6) Urban Landscape Systems. 

MaLa Div conducts several studies related to landscape science, from managing blue open spaces, water sensitive cities, developing low carbon landscapes, winter habitat for migratory raptor, to assessing and managing cultural landscapes. Recently, the MaLa Div also has several collaborations with national and international institutions, such as the City of Bogor and the District Government (Space Planning Agency), the Indonesian Institute of Sciences - LIPI, the Australia-Indonesia Center (AIC), the National Institute for Environmental Studies ( NIES) Japan, Japan Institute for Global Environmental Studies (IGES), Japan Research Institute for Human and Nature (RIHN), ETH Zurich Switzerland and National University of Singapore (NUS).