The Division of Landscape Plants and Greenery System (LPGS Division) is a group of lecturers in the Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) who have expertise and concern in the field of landscape plants and green systems analysis and planning. As the main function to develop knowledge, create and serve lectures, and manage human resources in accordance with the scope of landscape plants and greening systems, especially tropical landscapes, to support education, practice and science of landscape architecture. 

LPGS division currently has 6 (six) members who have research competencies and interests that cover various aspects, including the ecology and function of landscape plants, landscape plants in relation to human welfare, and the planning and design of greening systems. Three of the members currently have doctoral degrees, one has a doctorate at Chiba University, and the other two are in preparation to deepen doctoral studies. One of the members got a job as a teaching staff as a non-government employee, but as a contracted person. 

There are 4 (four) programs provided for undergraduate programs, namely (1) Plants in Landscape (ARL 320), (2) Landscape planting (ARL 322), (3) Green Open Space (ARL 420), and ( 4) Landscape Plant Maintenance (ARL 424). For the Masters program, there are also 4 (four) study programs namely: (1) Plant Landscape and Green Open Space System (ARL 530), (2) Landscape and Pollution Plants (ARL 630), (3) Grass Landscape (ARL 631) and (4) Urban Landscape Trees (ARL 632). 

LPGS Division carries out several studies related to landscape science, concentrates on the topic of landscape design characteristics and function analysis, landscape plants used for human welfare, analysis of the function of landscape plants in spatial fashion, and analysis of green open space systems and planning for more environments. well. Several research activities have been carried out in the field of pollution reduction, contributed by the Ministry of Public Construction and the Directorate of Road Transportation. In terms of urban tree management, several studies were also carried out in several cities in Jakarta and West Java, due to developing urban tree management systems. The division also conducts research on the effectiveness of city tree use for green infrastructure, and is funded by the Ministry of Higher Education.