Welcome to The 5th ISSLD "landscape transformation"

The importance of community participation becomes the key to landscape development today. At the end, academics need to bridge and facilitate the role of the community in order to realize the SDGs and nawacita that can be contained in the form of symposium activities of scientific meetings. This activity is a continuation of the symposium a few years ago, therefore the sustainability of this activity is very important to be managed on a regular basis. Symposium topics will periodically adjusted to the conditions that are relevant at this time. The Conversation about “landscape transformation” involves process and result. As a process, it discusses the factors and the actors that trigger the changes, the mechanism of change, what elements involved in the process, and what approach or method should be applied to achieve the ideal condition that we expect. As a product, transformation have an impact, either constructive or harmful to the environment, which in the beginning may affect a single element and later on will influence the whole system in the landscape that at some point involving human.