Welcome to The 6th ISSLD

Nowadays, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the world economy, including Indonesia. The almost collapsed tourism sector is a form of threat to the tourism landscape disrupted by COVID-19. The frequent disasters that occur in Indonesia throughout January 2021 become a challenge in current landscape development. The existence of urban green space can accelerate the healing of sufferers of various diseases. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, green open space to prevent the massive spread of COVID-19 has become an exciting issue in scientific meeting events such as international symposiums. This periodic symposium will be adjusted to the current conditions; this event's name is the 6th International Symposium for Sustainable Landscape Development (The 6th ISSLD). For the 6th ISSLD, the theme raised was Contributing the Science and Technology on Sustainable Landscape Development beyond the Pandemic COVID-19 Era with the sub-themes of Vulnerability, Resilience, and Transformation; Mitigation, Adaptation, and Response; and Culture and Human Behavior. This symposium is a continuation of the symposium a few years ago. The 6th ISSLD aims to examine in-depth various case studies related to efforts to realize sustainable landscape development during the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare for technological disruptions that affect the field of Landscape Architecture. Through this symposium, academics, researchers, and students can meet and exchange ideas to formulate efforts to improve climate change mitigation and air quality, improving good health and well-being to achieve a sustainable landscape.